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Talking Elite Fitness

Aug 30, 2023

On this episode of Death By, Lauren Kalil discusses whether men and women should have the same wall ball and box height standards, which athlete each contestant is most excited to see in the off-season, and some ideas the group had when it comes to making CrossFit more lucrative. Our panel of contestants include the...

Aug 29, 2023

Sean, Tommy and Lauren discuss the five biggest storylines they will be watching as we head into the off-season.  Who will gain momentum?  Will there be any changes to the CrossFit Games season?  What city will host the Games in 2024?  Plus, Ricky Garard is one step closer to getting back on the competition floor and...

Aug 28, 2023

Tommy and Lauren talk with Australia's Jay Crouch fresh off his career-best 8th place finish at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

Aug 25, 2023

CrossFit Competition Director Adrian Bozman joins the show to debrief the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games.  He talks about the lessons he learned from his first year programming the Games, areas where he wants to improve, the things he is most proud of accomplishing and what new challenges he will face when the Games head to...

Aug 23, 2023

Host Lauren Kalil is joined by James Hobart, Chase Ingraham and Tim Paulson as they talk about the difference coaching and programming make for an athlete, if Justin Medeiros will ever be able to reclaim his crown and where they'd like to see the CrossFit Games in 2024.