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Talking Elite Fitness

Jan 15, 2020

Sean and Tommy Recap the Mayhem Classic, the 5th Sanctional of the season.  They go over who will be getting the invite to the CrossFit Games for the men and the women and tell us who impressed them the most over the weekend.  Find out why Rich Froning Sr. could be the MVP of the entire competition and which Cookeville...

Jan 10, 2020

Hello from Tennessee!  Tommy and Sean are in Cookeville to cover the Mayhem Classic.  They recap the first two events and preview the rest of the weekend.  Tommy recounts childhood trauma of dealing with La Chancla and a packed edition of Crazy Things We Saw.

Jan 7, 2020

Sean and Tommy talk with Rich Froning about the upcoming Mayhem Classic Sanctioned Event.  Rich goes over what to the athletes and fans can expect, what he thinks good programming looks like and hot spots for people to visit while in Cookeville.

Jan 3, 2020

A CrossFit hero has been immortalized in Star Wars lore!  Sean and Tommy talk about Riley Howell becoming an official Jedi.  They have a quick review of the season so far, look ahead to the Mayhem Classic and Sean tells us how he almost got a job working with TV bears.  Plus, more Crazy Things We Saw and support for our...