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Talking Elite Fitness

Apr 28, 2023

CrossFit made news on Thursday by laying off 20% of their staff. Sean, Tommy and Lauren talk about the surprising move and what may have caused it. Dan Bailey joins the show to discusss the Age Group Semifinal Workouts, why he enjoys competing as a master and the trash talk (or lack thereof) that goes on with his...

Apr 25, 2023

Semifinals are set to begin. Sean, Tommy and Lauren take a quick look at the Age Group Semifinal workouts. Brent Fikowski stops by to talk about his year so far, what he would do to improve the CrossFit Games season and why he chooses to train alone. Plus, Lauren sees a movie!

Apr 21, 2023

Dave Eubanks is CrossFit's Senior Manager of the Competition Team. If you have questions regarding the video review process, he's the man to answer them. Eubanks, joins the show to answer questions about how the review process works from beginning to end, how appeals are handled, deciding on and communicating penalties...

Apr 18, 2023

CrossFit is committed to the current season structure for the foreseeable future, but should they be?  Sean, Tommy and Lauren talk about the pros and cons of getting rid of quarterfinals. Plus, CrossFit makes a statement on the changes to the Adaptive Divisions and Lauren visits HWPO's new headquarters.

Apr 14, 2023

CrossFit is updating the appeals process for semifinals. Sean, Tommy and Lauren discuss the changes and talk about how they might affect the competition. The OGs of mobility, Kelly and Juliet Starrett have released a new book entitled, "Built to Move." They talk with Sean and Tommy about their latest publication, how...